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Ace Edible Oil Industries Sdn Bhd



The Company was incorporated on 31 December 1971 under the name Klang Oil Refining Co. Sdn. Bhd. It underwent a few name changes in the past as a result of changes in management and ownership In 1976, it changed its name to Bestex Oil Refinery Sdn Bhd; In 1980 – Supreme Refinery Sdn. Bhd; In 1983 – Pohlee Refinery Sdn Bhd. And finally in 2001, it assumed its existing name, ACE EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD.

The Company was acquired by Green Ocean Group via an agreement signed in on 16 November, 2007. Its palm kernel crushing plant processes palm kernels into crude palm kernel oil and palm kernel expeller / cake. The Company provides refinery services to refine crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil.

Our Business

  • Crushing of palm kernel
  • Premium edible oil product
  • Refinery of crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil
  • R&D of palm oil process design and engineering

The factory is strategically located close to the ports (Port Klang, Malaysia) to facilitate the shipping of raw material and finished products. The company is able to take advantage of cost saving from the efficiencies in logistics, transportation and processing improvement and aspires to achieve zero-waste production processes.


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